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    Our History

    Since 1991 Francois de Kock dreamed of empowering the youth of South Africa and abroad.   The local church was not fulfilling the call, thousands of young people and literally hundreds of schools were asking and begging for something new, something alternative.

    Francois had the honour of being part of the ministry called, Dunamis Club, which was founded by Past. Theo Geyser in Pretoria, South Africa.  Francois later took over the reigns and started living almost a life long dream.  Dunamis changed its name to Dunamis Outreach Ministries in 1993.  They were extensively recognized throughout South Africa in schools, churches and even had television and radio-coverage.  They were privileged to perform before and with artists like Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Margaret Becker, Scott Wesley Brown.  Ministering on a part time basis for more than 7 years, the ministry divided into smaller individual movements.

    Francois moved on to a new assembly but still the dream kept knocking….in the following two years plans for a future full time ministry school were drawn up, but due to a lack of funds the “Dream” was postponed once again! In 1998 Francois and his wife Corné moved to Cape Town, South Africa as a youth pastor of a large Church in Goodwood, the dream still warm in his heart.

    After eight months in Cape Town, it happened! The dream came true.

    We had lift off and in January 1999 Pneumatix School of Ministry opened its doors for the first time with full time students! Its own student house and transport!

    Pneumatix is still growing and changing.  Today we proudly partner with many formal tertiary education institution to provide professional training in various fields.  Pneumatix still tours each year with up to three teams at a time, each fully equipped with state of the art sound and lighting to bring across a relevant and uncompromising message to our generation.

    Pneumatix Timeline

    • 1999
      • The Dream Becomes A Reality!
      • Pneumatix is birthed with 9 students @ Goodwood Campus, Cape Town.
    • 2000 - 2005
      • PNX grows rapidly and in 2003 Pneumatix moves to Hoogeind Manor, Somerset West.
      • In 2005, 75 students enroll at Pneumatix.
    • 2006
      • Pneumatix's second campus opens in Windhoek Namibia with 10 students.
    • 2007 - 2010
      • Pneumatix reaches a high of 90 students in 2008.
      • 2010 Pneukleus, the ultimate gap year opens with 14 students and Pneumatix Namibia keeps op growing with 18 students!
    • 2011
      • A big stepping stone for Pneumatix with The Performing Arts Academy opening. It’s the start of Internationally accredited courses in Music, Drama, and Dance.
      • Unfortunately, Pneumatix Namibia closes to a lack of resources, but PNX South Africa still goes strong with Namibian students enrolling at the South African campus.
    • 2012 - 2015
      • The Performing Arts academy keeps on evolving and growing and in 2015, Our first Trinity College drama graduates with 5 students achieving their LTCL performers and 1 student achieving their LTCL teachers diploma.
      • Pneumatix starts partnering with Tygerberg 104 FM, presenting our youth program, Anti-conformity.
    • 2016
      • Pneumatix's name and branding officially changes to PNXglobal (PNX in short).
      • PNX extend their partnerships, partnering in the Music Industry Practise with Cape Music Institute.
      • PNX finds the spotlight by performing as the official dancers and choir team for Gospel Skouspel in Grandwest Casino Cape Town and Pretoria. This becomes one of the annual highlights for PNX students as they get to meet and work alongside gospel stars such as Juanita Du Plessis, Joe Black, Elvis Blue, Josua na die reën die, Retief Burger, Neville D, Rouchelle Liedemann, Henry Pike and Romanz to name a few.
    • 2017
      • PNX performs at “Classics is Groot” at Woordfees Stellenbosch as a choir and gets the opportunity to collaborate with national celebrities.
      • PNX upgrades its facilities to improve lifestyle on campus and training in general. The Hoogeind Manor Venue, a beautiful function and wedding venue, is built.
    • 2018
      • PNX keeps on playing an integral part of the Gospel Skouspel’s success as students get to perform as the official choir with gospel stars as Retief Burger, Juanita Du Plessis, Romanz, Joe Black and Riana  Nel. Hoogeind Manor Venue launches and it's the start of space for many glamorous functions and weddings still to come.
    • 2019
      • PNX turns 20 years old! "Thank You, God Almighty for Your grace, faithfulness, love, and wisdom." A deep appreciation to all the people that have made PNX a success.
      • PNX also celebrates its 5th anniversary partnering with the #Imagine youth movement. As always bringing the energy and life to this massive youth camp and movement, helping to impact and change thousands of lives for God's Kingdom. PNX for the first time represented at all 4 Venues all across SA.
      • "X10 Arts" is birthed. X10 Arts, A platform for graduated students to enter the performing world. X10 Arts collaborate and partners with "Optog”, getting the opportunity to work with big national superstars such as Nataniel, Lauricka Rauch, Elvis Blue, Karen Zoid, and RefentsePNX performs a series of shows at Woordfees in Stellenbosch with an original script of "Makroman”, written and directed by well-known drama performer Esther Von Waltsleben.
      • PNX staff members make invaluable contributions toward student studies and PNX operations by fundraising opportunities. Pieter ran and completed the 2 Oceans Ultra Marathon and Catherine utilized different fundraising opportunities, together raising R 15 000.
      • Hoogeind Manor has a very successful year with plenty of functions, weddings, and conferences.