Pneumatix offers unique opportunities within the South African tertiary education context. Students interested in studying various courses through distance learning institutions, may register with Pneumatix for the total Pneumatix experience WHILE they study. Don’t stay at home and study while gaining NO experience and learning ONLY the academic aspects of you chosen direction. Pneumatix can offer so much more, that even regular universties can not (in fact many institutions are now being compelled to offer Practical/Experience Integrated Learning as part of their curriculum):
  • A safe, well-maintained environment conducive to hard work and study.
  • Fellowship and student camaraderie with many other like-minded students from different study directions.
  • A structured Pneumatix programme of discipleship, life-skills, character-building discipline and ministry.
  • Two periods of ministry tour for a total of 6 weeks to various destinations around South Africa with the entire student body, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities.
  • Student life-coaching by full-time coaches on staff and living on campus - a unique concept in South African tertiary education!
  • Relevant experiential learning opportunities arranged by Pneumatix to help prepare you for the eventual career your envisage, as well as complementary to the study direction of your choice.
  • Relevant tutelage and/or discussion classes with professionals in the field, where allowed by the distance learning institute through which the student is registered.

Please Note

This course is a full time course and can not be done part time or via the post.

Duration of Course

3 to 4 years.

Level of Qualification

BTh NQLF level 7.

Courses That Suite The Pneumatix Culture And Ministry

Not all academic courses will suite the Pneumatix culture or established ministry “set-up” at the Pneumatix campus in Somerset West. The following are course that will naturally be complemented by the strong Christian ethos and culture at Pneumatix:
  • Theology (to become a church leader, or a youth or children’s pastor or missionary; or even simply to study Theology for your own spiritual formation)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Teaching
  • or any distance learning course which might result in a generic bachelor of arts degree (or similar) which will benefit from an institution such as Pneumatix.

Admission Requirements

To register for such a degree program, one of the following is required:
  • At least the admission requirements of the institution with which you will register.
  • National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi, with an achievement rating of 4 (50-59%) or better.
  • A tertiary qualification at an accredited institution by the Department of Education.
  • A tertiary qualification at a foreign institution accredited by a recognized accrediting body or by the institution’s national government.
  • The stipulated deposit and registration fees have to be paid and up to date as determined by Pneumatix.

Course Structure

Pneumatix has established relationships with various institutions which offer Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Arts degrees (South African NQF Level 6-7 qualifications). These institutions are accredited with the Council for Higher Education  (CHE) in the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) of South Africa.

Students will follow the progress guidelines provided by the institution with which they are registered within a monitored and supervised structure provided at the Pneumatix campus. Pneumatix has defined this structure so that students may maintain a healthy balance of experiential learning, a busy student life, and academic progress. Progress is therefore based on the student’s capacity for self-study and not forced upon them within a rigid system of learning. However, Pneumatix expects of their student to commit to a four year learning process (because the Pneumatix programme is structured for four year of learning and maturation) while Pneumatix does everything in their capacity to assist the student to progress as far as possible with their academic studies in order to complete the requirements of the degree programme.

Theology "On Steroids”- Pastoral Studies

A major focus of Pneumatix and specifically the PneuAcademy, is the development of young pastors to lead the churches of tomorrow. This provides an excellent example of how Pneumatix structures a programme for optimum development and equipping of capable professionals to enter the arena after four years of study.

The table below might be specifically designed for a theology student intent on pastoral training, but it could just as well be relevant to a teacher or a counsellor. Simply replace the academic course with the one you are interested in and the Pneumatix training will be adapted suitably. Please engage with us by completing an application form and we will contact you immediately.

Equipment You Need

  • Laptop with adapters and Office or Open Office installed, or Macbook.
  • Lever-arch files for notes (at least 2)
  • Exam pads (for writing and note-taking)
  • Pens and pencils (normal stationery requirements)
  • Journal.
  • Safety lock for student locker.

Course Includes

All academic courses and readers can be downloaded from the student portal of the registering institution without extra cost for downloading the course material and readers.  Accommodation on campus and the entire Pneumatix programme is included.

Course Excludes

  • Some institutions might require additional textbooks to be used in conjunction with their course material. We suggest a budget of approximately R2000 (for the first year only).
  • Pneumatix gear (first year only, optional in later years) - approximately R3500 and includes a Soft Shell winter jacket, hoodie, shirt, and Trolley Bag for travels.
  • Food on campus

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